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Service Design

Designing for joy.

In user-centred design we believe the most effective route to value is through creating experiences people love to use.

So whenever we approach a new experience design problem we always ask 3 questions: Who’s it for? What problem does it solve? Where’s the joy?

Product & service design

Great customer experience is born from from great execution. Our focus is increasingly on helping brands transform their customer experience touchpoints by creating multichannel products and services.


Typically Experience Design research fuses insights from customer insight and data analysis to inform or validate a hypotheses.

Rapid prototyping

We’re experts at utilising rapid prototyping techniques to generate ‘just enough’ to allow us to test the concept hypothesis. By iterating and prototyping at speed you build in huge project efficiencies.


Dependent on the needs of the project we use a broad range of qualitative & quantitative user-testing techniques: one-to-one interview, lab-based, remote, A/B and MVT. If appropriate we use specific technologies like eye-tracking. We’ve also pioneered innovative live user- testing techniques for prototyping and product lifecycle development.


As used by:
Johnson & Johnson, Space.NK, Chanel, Sky, Whitechapel Gallery

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