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You need both Kirk and Spock.

The Enterprise is a better ship with Kirk and Spock. Kirk is qualitative research – he’s empathy, all human. Whereas Spock is quantitative – cold, hard logic. He’s all about big data. Within our approach to research, we aim for both across our digital product and service design. We design with data, analyse real customers in their environments and optimise user experiences.

Data & heuristic analysis

Access to relevant and timely data is key to informing your future development roadmap. We begin any project by accessing and analysing existing data points and benchmarking against industry best practice.

Customer surveys

Across projects we run customer surveys to gain specific where there is a lack of up-to-date audience research. We use a variety of methods, from email and website based through to using our client’s social media. Often, we will use surveys to run follow-up phone interviews with targeted participants. Of invite them to join co-design session we run.

Remote user testing

Remote online user testing can offer a lean way to get qualitative insight when time is of the essence – if the test is set-up correctly, then you can often get results within the hour. It’s also a very useful approach when running tests across multiple countries.

Lab-based user testing

We take a cost-effective approach to lab-based usability testing which yields a high level of feedback. Using a small sample set of customers (from 5-15) and conducting task-based, qualitative tests can highlight up to 90% of the usability issues across a set of key user journeys.

A/B and Multivariate testing

We run live optimisation testing using tools like Qubit and Optimizely to test new or existing design approaches. This gives you highly contextual, real-time data that allows you to improve usability, substantiate new hypotheses and prove ROI. Read more on our approach to website optimisation.

Ethnographic research and ‘live’ testing

We’re big advocates of field-testing & expert at taking an improvised but structured approach to testing to yield significant data as quickly & contextually as possible. Wherever possible we prefer live user-testing of functional prototypes as part of the innovation process or product development lifecycle. Read our post on how we run live test in the field for more info.


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