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We’re specialists at conversion rate optimisation, optimising key user journeys from checkout to campaigns. We’ll help you navigate and implement the use of these tools, embed an ongoing testing plan and build the business case to support it.

A/B and Multivariate testing

We run live site optimisation using to test new or existing design approaches. This gives you highly contextual, real-time data that allows you to improve usability, substantiate new hypotheses and prove ROI. There are a myriad tools out there for optimisation and while we’re technology agnostic, we’re practiced with Optimizely and Qubit.

Data & heuristic analysis

In addition to running multivariate testing, we will also compare the data captured from the testing to compare with existing data points and benchmark against industry best practice.

Integrating optimisation in design

Where possible, we will integrate testing within our Experience Design process, from qualitative user testing in early sprints to optimisation testing across our rapid prototyping (see below).

Optimisation within our design approach
Optimisation within our design approach


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