Take control of your omnichannel future. Download our free report. - Joylab Take control of your omnichannel future. Download our free report. - Joylab

Take control of your omnichannel future. Download our free report.

Designed for ambitious retail brands: a new, fast-track omnichannel research methodology that you can run in-house. 

Your brand needs to move towards the seamless omnichannel experience that customers see as an expectation rather than a benefit. This free report details how – in less than a month – you can have a true picture of your situation across channels and begin to take control of your brand’s omnichannel future


“Omnichannel Retailing is the evolution of multichannel retailing, but is concentrated on a seamless approach to the consumer experience through all available shopping channels. Instead of perceiving a variety of touch­points as part of the same brand, omni­channel retailers let consumers experience the brand, not individual channels within the brand.” [source: Wikipedia]

The omnichannel consumer is already here. It’s now mainstream to do product discovery and purchase in a range of places: in­store, online, in social media, on TV and from other traditional media. Customers want to find the best prices, inspiration and instant availability. They want consistent brand and customer experience across all your touchpoints.

We work internationally with consumer brands and we know how hard it is to create change within large organisations.

To combat this, we’ve developed a process which we call the ‘pop-up’ lab. It uses guerilla research and rapid prototyping that allows you to assess your current situation, get stakeholders onboard and create tangible assets as a focus for strategy and investment. This report show you how to create your own pop-up lab in house.


What’s included?

Joylab’s omnichannel pop-up lab approach:

  • Getting started
  • Access the data and assess
  • Combine the power of the key stakeholders
  • Spend time with real users
  • Assess findings with operational staff
  • Design a solution and test it
  • Share findings and win hearts & minds


Who’s it for?

Anyone who’s trying to move their brand to genuine omnichannel competence.

  • Director’s of Omnichannel
  • Ecommerce Director’s
  • Marketing Directors
  • Head of Digital
  • UX leads
  • Ecommerce Managers

Download the report


Download the report

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